31 Mortgage Marketing Tips for 2015: The

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It’s 2015 and technology is all the rage. Everywhere you look people are touting the next big software or the next platform you need to be on. Everyone is looking for automation. Looking to replace themselves with a computer.

To me, things seem the same way they always were just easier and better. Nowadays we can leverage technology to build an audience and create deeper, more meaningful relationships than ever before.

I’ve always heard in business it takes 5 to 7 exposures to someone new before they begin to feel comfortable with you. Back in the day that would take WAY more time and effort. Let's think about that for a moment...

20 or 30 years ago it took a lot more time to get 7 touches with a new customer or business partner. That process could require multiple face to face meetings, multiple phone calls, maybe even a handwritten letter. That could take weeks. Maybe even months.

These days we have can shrink that process down under 72 hours using social, video, and email marketing. How did you find out about this book? How did you find out about me? I use these same strategies to grow my personal business.

31 Mortgage Marketing Tips for 2015 is all about leveraging technology to build better, deeper, and more meaningful relationships with your referral partners and probable partners you want to work with.

I use the phrase “Probable Partner” throughout the book because I want you to think of the Realtors on your hit list as people that will probably partner with you. They will eventually partner with you because you are the superior choice for a mortgage partner.

Take these 31 strategies and apply them as needed when you are recruiting your probable partners. There will be a strategy or tip for every type of partner. You should find something in this book that can benefit any Realtor. It's up to you to figure out which one will help them through your interview and courting process. Good luck out there!


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